Our Stylist

Natural Hairstyling  -  Thermal Press  -  Keratin Treatment  -  Relaxer  -  Extensions  -  Sew-in 

Custom Color & Cut  -  Roller Set  -   Hydrating Steam Treatment  -  Wig Styling  -  Braids

MG. is a full service salon located in the heart of Lake Vista.  At MG., we understand the mind-body-spirit connection in hair care; we can create the look that you want and rebuild hair that has been damaged by stress, mechanical and environmental factors.

Mariah Grant established MG. after embarking on her own amazing journey of transformation and healing. In 2005, she was overworked and overstressed; caught up in the high paced world of casino marketing. Seeing the toll it took on her life, and the impact that overworking the body and spirit had on her physical health and interpersonal relationships, she decided to exit the rat race and return to the skill that always made her feel better and would help others feel better. 

Relax and enjoy…